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La crêperie by night
La Gourmande
Sel et Sucre by André
La Complète
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Calle 213 - Puerto Viejo
Limón - Costa Rica

Open from

tuesday to sunday
12pm to 9.30pm

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"Loved it - so welcoming"

Staff were amazing. Really felt they looked after us. Very clean too. Excellent location. Would highly reccomend for budget travellers. (Trip Advisor)

“So delicious !”

For meal I had a crepe of beef and spinach (and the other day a crepe of smoked salmon), and a crepe of banana flambé for dessert. Both were very delicious ! Drinks also were very good, the atmosphere of the restaurant and the choice of musics were excellent. At the restaurant we can have a look at magazines useful for your sightseeing in Costa Rica. Staffs speak Spanish, French and English so don't hesitate to ask them sightseeing spots they recommend ! (Trip Advisor)


Need to start the day off right with a relaxing cup of coffee and crepe? Or end the day with a delightful dessert with your love? This is the place to stop in! Delicious food with incredibly hospitable service! A MUST go when you enjoy your getaway! Comfortable, inviting and scrumptious! (Trip Advisor)

“Soooo fresh and sooo peaceful”

The perfect spot to rest after a day battling the elements of paradise -- sun, bustle, touristic fervor -- and to eat meticulously prepared crepes, fruit drinks and inventive desserts. Not only was the food excellent, but the owners are sweet and attentive. Although there are many restaurants to chose from in this beach town, we went to Sel et Sucre as often as possible. (Trip Advisor)

“Must stop in!”

Highly recommended!! Friendly staff and phenomenal crepes! Sweet or salty, you can't go wrong! Miss them already!. (Trip Advisor)


Came here with my boyfriend for lunch and then came back for dinner. Crepes were wonderful, filling, and inexpensive. The restaurant is owned by a very kind and friendly man from Bretagne, France who knows Crepes (who better than a Frenchman right?). the owner speaks English, French, and spanish and gave quick service with excellent value. Fairly wide variety on the menu, also with waffles and fresh fruit drinks and cocktails, and two cozy hammock chairs to sit in while you wait. Take out service as well. (Trip Advisor)

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